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The Cascade Adventures Saga universe has an extensive history dating back many centuries. This article lists historical events in an unofficial timeline.

The history can be divided into three eras of the Gregorian Calendar:

  • The First Era (F.E.) is the era of prehistory and much of antiquity, also known as Before Common Era (BCE).
  • The Second Era (S.E.) is the era that began with the birth of Jesus, also known as Common Era (CE).
  • The Third Era (T.E.) is the era that that began after the end of World War III.
  • The Fourth Era (F.E.) is the era that began after the fall of Planet Earth after the fourth world war took place, and most of the inhabitants recolonized on Planet Cascade.

The story in the The Cascade Adventures Saga covers events from the Third Era. The narrative that starts in The Prophecy and ends in Break mostly takes place after the 300th year of the Third Era.

First Era (F.E.)Edit

1 F.E. (assumed)

Approximately 30,000 B.C.E.

Second Era (S.E.)Edit

800 S.E.

1914–1918 S.E.

1939–1945 S.E.

2055 S.E.

  • First successful humanoid android with it's own personality and will is invented.

2800 S.E.

  • Aliens are discovered to exist, and come to reside on earth under command of the Grey race.

? S.E

  • World War III takes place.

Third Era (T.E.) Edit

0 T.E.

  • September 28: World War III ends with the signing of the Treaty of Bremen. The countries on Earth gets divided into seven nations.

54 T.E.

  • Interplanetary Agreement of 54 T.E. is drafted between the Greys and Earth.

59 T.E.

  • The androids with their own minds and wills are brought to live on Earth.

? S.E (centuries before F.E.)

  • Planet Cascade, is colonized by a small group of researchers from many different Earthen countries in order to further space research and exploration.
  • Sixty years after colonization, Cascade is recognized as its own country, a republic, with numerous Earthen countries and cultures residing there.

Fourth Era (F.E.)Edit

0 F.E.

  • August 20: World War IV ends. Earth is no longer able to sustain life. Billions of surviving humans are taken to live on Cascade.