The Slayer is a short origin story to Predatorial member Ordrian. The title of the story refers to his codename under the Predatorials, "The Slayer." It takes place years before the events of The Prophecy .

Stacey T. Hunt first posted the story on her blog as a post, months after completing the Cascade Adventures saga.


Ordrian had a promising future: a normal job, a loving and beautiful wife, a probable glimpse at a future child, but when he's recruited for The Predatorials and given new powers and an axe, Ordrian doesn't know what's next for him.


  • Ordrian


"He never thought he would watch his world as it fell apart, get torn down by the shadows while falling stars sliced the sky."

"He will learn to keep his hands clean, become immune to the taste of blood, the smell of burnt flesh. He will be Ordrian the Slayer."


Read The Slayer here .