The Prophecy
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Vital statistics
Author Stacey T. Hunt
Illustrator Stacey T. Hunt
Published on February 13, 2013
Published by Wordpainter Publishing
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-- The Adventure Begins

The Prophecy is the prequel book in The Cascade Adventures Saga by Stacey T. Hunt. The story features Cascada, Meldon, and Zorren about eight years before The Adventure Begins, when the characters are seventeen years old.   


A deadly group of terrorists known as The Predatorials have risen under the command of their leader, Zorgoth, who has a deadly goal and an enigmatic apprentice by the name of Zorren, whom he is enrolling in King Casimir's institute, of which students who attend have a chance to become the next ruler of Planet Cascade. The world hangs in the balance as a torn Cascada must choose who to save – her best friend, Meldon, from falling into the darkness and joining the shadowy division of the Predatorials, or Zorren, after he won her heart. He's mysterious, inhumanly gifted, and has devious ties to Zorgoth.

Short Summary Edit

The story starts at the end of Cascada's junior year at an institute in the Land of the Free run by the current King of Cascade, King Casimir, where all who attend have a chance to take his place. After the mysterious new guy, Zorren, and Cascada grow closer, Meldon seeks a way to strengthen himself and increase his chances of inheriting the planet, and finds this opportunity with The Predatorials, a group of terrorists made up of wizards with dark magic. The group is run by Zorgoth, a man with dark ties to Zorren. After proving himself by destroying the Land of the Free, Meldon joins the Predatorials and they further proceed in their plans to become kings.

From there, the story follows through about two years of Cascada's new life with Zorren and their allies, their discovery of a prophecy that tells of three chosen ones destined to protect the planet, and their search for them. It gives insight into what has made the characters into the people we see later, Cascada's relationships with her friends, how she became the Queen of Cascade, and what exactly lies in Meldrick's past.


Below is a shortened list of main characters that appear in The Prophecy:

  • Cascada
  • Meldon
  • Zorren
  • Zorgoth
  • Arianna
  • Amara
  • Elison
  • Tyson
  • Kale

Sneak PeeksEdit

Stacey T. Hunt posted several teasers of the book on her blog. To read, click HERE .


  • Stacey T. Hunt got the idea to write the backstory of Lady Cascada after writing Most Wanted. She felt the need to write the backstory in order to explain the events mentioned in Most Wanted. She took a break from working on Most Wanted to draft The Prophecy.
  • The Prophecy is for Stacey the easiest book in the series to write.
  • The Prophecy is the largest book in the series with approximately 105,000 words.

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