The Adventure Begins
-1-The Adventure Begins
Vital statistics
Author Stacey T. Hunt
Illustrator Stacey T. Hunt
Published on November 5, 2012
Published by Wordpainter Publishing
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The Prophecy Wherever I Go
The Adventure Begins is the first book of The Cascade Adventures Saga by Stacey T. Hunt


Meldrick, the master of Death, has gathered to him four crowns - the means by which he will be able to rule the world as the lands each crown belongs to slowly falls into darkness without its power source. All he lacks is the destruction of the legendary trinity of the chosen ones , prophesied to protect the world. From him.

In the Tropical Paradise known as Somerton Island, young Kale Dillans finds himself faced with an immense task, as the title of the Chosen One Leader is given to him. He must leave his home and make a perilous journey with the rest of the chosen ones, Elison Hart and Tyson Smith, across the broken lands of the shattered planet to return peace to the world eventually leading them straight into the territories of the Master of Death. There they must stop Meldrick forever and foil the master in his evil purpose.


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Below is a shortened list of main characters that appear in The Adventure Begins:

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