Most Wanted
-3-Most Wanted
Vital statistics
Author Stacey T. Hunt
Illustrator Stacey T. Hunt
Published on November 5, 2012
Published by Wordpainter Publishing
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Wherever I Go Skyfire

Most Wanted is the third book in The Cascade Adventures Saga by Stacey T. Hunt. This book continues about a year from where Wherever I Go left off, and focuses primarily on Tyson and the rest of the CCO. A new threat has arisen--Meldrick's apprentice, Vaughn-- and after stealing the data that Mildred had collected about the CCO, Vaughn has a plan to frame the trio and make it appear that they have become criminals.

Synopsis Edit

Even though things appear to be calm in Cascade, strange robberies and murders have been going around in Tomorrow City; and the culprits are Kale, Elison, and Tyson.

When the real trio become planet Cascade's top fugitives on the most wanted list, it becomes clear that someone out there is going to stop at nothing to keep the CCO from fulfilling their destinies.

Now in hiding, the CCO must clear their names and find the impostors who framed them, while uncovering their shocking hidden pasts along the way.

Who framed the CCO?

Brief Summary Edit

The story begins with a mysterious man and his three companions breaking into and robbing a pub late at night.

The following morning, news of the incident is broadcast and spread all over the planet. Tyson is awoken from a nightmare of the memory of his cousin's death, and confronted by his parents about the incident. Kale, while on a date with Chance, is chased by a furious mob just before she can break the news to him that she's moving away. Elison has a close call with an attacking mob as well while out shopping with her sister for potion ingredients. While back at the Magician Study, Elison asks Merlin for help, but it turns into a conversation on doubting whether or not Elison's boyfriend, Tyson, is the right match for her, as well as Aless's thoughts on her secret crush on her sister's boyfriend.

The CCO are caught and taken to jail after yet another framed act of injustice. The trio must join together once again after a year's time of separation and figure out a way to find the ones who are framing them, and prove their innocence.

Notes and References Edit

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