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Elison is one of  main characters in the series. She spent the majority of her childhood living on Keynan, the floating island of magicians, before it was attacked and was sunk. She was then taken under the care of Lady Cascada and lived at the Land of the Free as the Royal Magician, and was belived to be the last magician on Cascade, until she reunited with her sister, thought to be dead, and was adopted by Merlin the Magician. She currently lives in Tomorrow City.

She is six at the beginning of The Prophecy, fourteen at the start of The Adventure Begins and Wherever I Go, fifteen during Most Wanted, sixteen in Skyfire, and seventeen during Break.  


Elison is portrayed as kind and strong, but reserved. She is shown to be unflinchingly loyal and persevering, as demonstrated by her continued quest with Kale and Tyson, despite the setbacks. She is brave and confident of her magical abilities, as shown by her fights against foes.


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